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  • $7,200



    Dedicate one of the study sections in Chayenu.
    Your dedication will appear at the beginning of that section every week for an entire year.

    ABOUT: Chayenu features over 20! different study sections, every week. Your dedication in a study section will be featured at the beginning of that section, every week, for an entire year.

    $6,200.00 ea. [5 remaining]

  • $7,200



    The beautifully designed Chayenu app features over two dozen unique Torah sections, including everything featured in the print edition, and more.

    With over 25,000 downloads and counting, the Chayenu app is the goto place for Torah study for so many people around the world.

    $7,200.00 ea. [14 remaining]

  • $3,600



    The Rambam - Misneh Torah - is comprised of 14 books. Chayenu cycles through all 14 books every three years. Dedicate a book of Rambam and your dedication will appear on the cover page of the Rabmam section for three years.

    $3,600.00 ea. [6 remaining]

  • $2,800



    Your dedication will appear on the back page for a week and will appear on the inside pages for an entire year.

    With a readership of over 25,000 people each week from across the world, your dedication will appear in 500 cities and will be seen by so many people. This is our flagship dedication and this is someting we like about you.

    $2,800.00 ea. [8 remaining]

  • $1200



    *NEW DEDICATION OPPORTUNITY* - Dedicate the cover page of the weekly study section in Chayenu.

    Your dedication will appear on the cover of the weekly section for one year. See sample in the image.

    $1,200.00 ea. [52 remaining]

  • $900



    With over 30,000 downloads in hundreds of cities around the world, the Chayenu app is being used to study Torah every day.

    Your dedication will appear on the top of every section in the app for one week.

    $900.00 ea. [52 remaining]

  • $540


    CHAYUS (A new publication)

    We launched CHAYUS as a free publication during Corona as a way to increase Torah study and to provide extra inspiration to people during this difficult time.

    We feature two unique sections in CHAYUS, not published Anywhere else:

    a) a vort from Reb Levi Yitzchak, never before published in English and
    b) a summary of a sicha, in partnership with Project Likutei Sichos.

    CHAYUS has gotten wide distribution, being forwarded by email and WhatsApp to many thousands of people throughout the world.

    $540.00 ea. [52 remaining]

Give the gift of Torah:

  • Sponsor an IDF Lone Soldier

    Sponsor an IDF Lone Soldier

    Chaim carries a Tavor X95 Assult rifle…That's to protect our home, Israel.

    He also carries a Chayenu (see Chaim's story below)…That's to protect his soul!

    And the truth is, his safety, is our safety. If Chaim protects his body and soul, then we remain protected also.

    That's why, over the years, we have provided over 200 free Chayenu subscriptions to the IDF Lone Soldiers.

    Please sponsor a years worth of Torah study for a lone soldier (click "add" to sponsor more than one).
    "I'm a combat soldier in one of the IDF infantry special forces units, and I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and express my appreciation to Chayenu.

    We all need to study a little bit of Torah every day to stay connected to our roots.

    Because of the intensive training, I go through, the need for daily Torah study becomes that much more important to keep me alive and to remind me of my values and what I'm really fighting for.

    On base, we don't have any time at all for studies or even the capability of carrying around a bunch of books with us.
    So once a month I have the luxury of picking up a pack of Chayenus from Chayal el Chayal to take to base with me.

    The booklet fits right in my uniform pocket and new every opportunity I get - a minute here or two minutes there - I can easily grab my Chayenu and for a second reconnect to my source of vitality, our beautiful Torah.

    There are no words to describe how much these moments mean to me and how much they help me to keep on going and how much life they give me.
    Thank you!"

    $180.00 ea.

  • Sponsor an Inmate

    Sponsor an Inmate

    Chayenu sponsors hundreds of free subscroiptions to indigent inmates across the USA.

    Please read what one inmate has to say:

    "Chayenu is the single most important thing I read everyday. While in prison I certainly read many other text covering a broad range of topics including religious, secular, and current event periodicals. However, Chayenu makes the most impactful contribution to my Torah learning and is essential to my survival in prison; it keeps my spirit strong, my mind sharp, and my neshema close to the Source of Blessing, Hashem, blessed is He. I depend on Chayenu not only as a study guide, but as a vital source of daily inspiration to continue to live a mitzvah driven life, trying to uplift towards the Divine even in one of the least holiest of settings."

    "As part of my routine, I make sure to start each week's Torah study on Saturday nights after the conclusion of Shabbat because as the masters of Chasidus taught it is good for both one's physical and spiritual health to study Torah on Saturday night, as well as conducive to success in study of Torah during the rest of the week. [Sichot Kodesh 5739 Volume 3] I also make sure to go back and re-read each section throughout the week to reinforce my learning and use is as a basis for writing my daily dvar Torah lessons that I email out to the broader group. Chayenu quite literally is "my life" in prison"

    $130.00 ea.

  • Sponsor a fellow Jew

    Sponsor a fellow Jew

    We don't turn anyone away because of the price. So many people rely on Chayenu as their primary, if not only,. source of Torah study every day. We are currently gifting many subscriptions to people who are committed to studying Chayenu daily but do not have the funds for a subscription.

    Consider sponsoring a fellow Jew with the gift of Torah study.

    $165.00 ea.

Special Projects:



    The Chayenu app has tens of thousands of downloads and is fast becoming a primary place for people around the world to conveniently access daily Torah study.

    The app features over 20 unique weekly and daily Torah study sections.

    There is much more we can do to improve the experience, add more unique content and make the app available to more people around the world.

    Your partnership of $18,000 will go directly towards vital development costs (adding notes, commentary sections, and improving the overall experience) as well as marketing efforts to publicize the app.

    $23,000.00 ea.



    In 2020, during the Pandemic, we launched,
    "Helping people live more tranquil and meaningful lives by learning and experiencing authentic trust in G-d".

    To date, we have over 60,000 page views with thousands of people accessing videos, shiurim, snippets, and essays - all to help people improve their Trust in G-d.

    We also send out weekly emails to hundreds of people promoting the timeless messages of Trust in G-d, helping people integrate the teachings into their daily lives.

    Your dedication will be featured on the website and every weekly email that goes out.

    $18,000.00 ea.



    CHITAS Is an acronym for Chumash (Bible), Tehillim (Psalms), Tanya.

    The combination of the word of G-d in the Bible - with Rashi’s commentary, - the heartfelt prayers of Psalms, and the life-altering teaching of Tanya create the ultimate guide to a Jew’s
    perspective, soul nourishment and daily enrichment, and create a channel for divine blessing.

    In 1943, the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, of righteous memory, established the daily Chitas learning, declaring it essential for a Chasid and appropriate for every Jew.

    Our goal is to widely publicize this vital study regimen and to inspire all Jews to participate in the daily study of Chitas, serving as a channel for divine MATERIAL and SPIRITUAL blessings.

    We have created a stunning guide and we are ready for a partner to sponsor the printing and distribution.

    $15,000.00 ea.



    Chayenu sends out a spectacular monthly newsletter to over 15,000 people (with open rates of over 60%!).

    The beautifully curated newsletters feature Torah content, announcements, and other tools to help thousands of people on their Torah journey.

    Your dedication will be featured at the top of every newsletter.

    $550.00 ea.

  • Subscription Management System

    Subscription Management System

    As we grow, it has become increasingly impossible to manage the thousands of subscriptions (print + digital) using our crude Google docs + woocommerce. We are in the process of developing a custom solution that will enable Chayenu to better manage our subscribers, and enable us to scale. The subscription system will also help ensure we reduce churn rate, failed payments and provide an overall better onboarding and retention experience.

    $150,000.00 ea.

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